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For over twenty years, he has had the privilege of ministering in both Worship and the Word. He and his wife are the founders of Richest of Fare Global Ministries and The Godbreed Iris Savannah, and have given their lives to serve the King and His Kingdom, traveling nationally and internationally full-time, as Worship Leaders, Conference Speakers, and Missionaries. Jason is burdened to see the Bride of Christ cultivate a ravishing hunger for the presence of God and a lifestyle of worship that is fueled and fed by unhindered intimacy and blood-bought identity. As a musician and artist, his heart is postured to catch the sights and sounds of heaven and release them into the earth. His messages and melodies are birthed out of direct dialogues and exchanges with the Father through prayer and studying the Word. HIs heart burns vehemently for the peoples and nations of the earth to encounter God's manifest presence, all-sufficient power, and jealous love in the person of Christ Jesus and the breath of His Spirit. It is with these same passions and values in which he leads an Iris Global Base in Savannah Georgia. It consists of a local community of believers and a global community that God has assembled as the Godbreed Company from among the nations. He and his wife have the hearts of a true father and mother, and walk in an undeniable authority to gather the lost sheep, heal the broken-hearted and restore son-ship and belonging to the orphan and the widow.

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Recommendation Letter from Heidi Baker

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February 14, 2017

Dear Pastors and Leaders,

I am writing this recommendation letter with great joy and enthusiasm. My very dear friend Jason Lee Jones is one of my favorite worship leaders in the world. We have commissioned and ordained him as a leader in Iris Global. Jason is a talented musician skilled in piano, vocals, and worship leading. Jason leads a life of worship on and off the stage. He loves God with his whole heart and diligently seeks Him. He is a man of character, tenderness, love and passion.

I have known Jason since 2011 when we met at a conference. My friend Stacey Campbell introduced us because she was so moved by Jason’s deep worship and powerful testimony. We invited Jason to our double Harvest Mission School and Mozambican Bible School, and he has come to every Iris Global school since 2012. Jason leads worship in our schools and he also preaches and teaches. One of his core life messages is about the spirit of adoption, an area where he has great authority and understanding as a father of two beautiful adopted children. He also preaches about holiness and whole-hearted devotion to God, a powerful revelation he carries and lives out. I know Jason’s whole family and his co-leaders, and he is well loved all around. He is a treasured part of our Iris Global family.

I have traveled with Jason to many countries including the United States, Korea, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Brazil, where he is a very well known and respected worship leader. Jason is able to sing in multiple languages; he has albums in Portuguese and English. When he is in Mozambique, he works with our local worship leaders to learn their songs in their languages. Jason always chooses honor and unity, his heart is to support and teach others, as well as to lead. He is humble, patient and kind. Jason models servant leadership, willing to help and serve in any way he can.

Jason is a versatile worship leader who can lead in various styles. His heart is always to serve and to worship in such a way that others are drawn closer to the heart of God. I highly recommend Jason for any conference as a worship leader and/or a speaker.

Love in Jesus,
Heidi Baker, PhD
Iris Global Co-Founder and CEO

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